About DaiYu


Daiyu Electronics was established in 1993, existed over 20 more years; Headquarter is located in Taichung city, has branches in Linkou, New Taipei City and Kaohsiung city; focuses its business on automotive electronic parts and gradually extends its business from domestic market to foreign countries with its high level quality products and right business models.

The main sales distributed channels of Daiyu Electronics is automobile OEM and Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) dealers, product sales range covers national OEM manufactures, accessories centers and foreign markets ,such as TOYOTA (Carmax)、NISSAN、HONDA、MITSUBISHI, etc.,.

Daiyu Electronics focuses on automobile electronic parts research and manufacturing, has research, development and production capabilities, owns RD design team, full ranges SMT and DIP production lines, the product lines include: multimedia audio and video systems, driving recorders, tire pressure detectors, digital TV, satellite navigation systems, reversing imaging systems, and other related accessories.

Daiyu Electronics is marketing oriented company, has deeply understanding of customer product requirements, OEM certification standards, can do from function specification definition, UI sketch, software coding, hardware circuit drawing to mechanical design, to develop competitive, stable and best quality product, by pass TS16949 and IS0 9001certifications.

DaiYu Electronics provides a full range of services, its experience team has offered domestic marketing from over all planning, market program, research and development, to manufacturing; would like to share its knowledge to clients and customers, to enhance the quality level of automobile parts.

Company Organization

The Positioning of Company

The Positioning of Daiyu electronics is professional automobile electronics research, development and manufacturing, starts its business from automobile alarm system, follows the growth of automobile multimedia system, gradually evolved from CD, VCD, DVD and now the car multimedia system (Car Multimedia System), DTV, GPS, TPMS, DVR, to ADAS, continuously expands its business scale and contents.

Automobile system integration is our strength, we are familiar with the automotive and electronics industry certification standards, really participate in the design of the domestic car factory requirements and specifications, own a series of test equipment, so can develop and produce a line of coinciding requirement’s products.

The production line of the company includes completely SMT, DIP, Assembly and Testing and Validation, to ensure all of the produced products achieving design’s requirements for the performance and durability, and guarantying the quality of customer’s request, for fulling the positioning of the company.


Based on Taiwan, attended to the world, Daiyu Electronics upholds the profession and integrity to develop products and customer relationships, to create good working environment for the employee, to seek higher interest for the shareholder, wishes to become first level brand’s automobile electronics supplier.


. 1993. 09. Daiyu Electronics established in Taichung City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
. Stared to sell automobile alarm system
. ISO 9001 Certified
. TS 16949 Certified
. Became Apple MFI supplier
. Built up New Plant in Daya Dist. Taichuing City
. Became Toyota (Carmax) officially accessories supplier
. Became Taiwan Honda officially accessories supplier
. Became Taiwan Nissan officially accessories supplier
. Became Taiwan Mitsubishi officially accessories supplier
. Became Taiwan Ford officially accessories supplier
. Got Mitsubishi ISIR Certification
. Set Up SMT and DIP automatic production line

Daiyu Electronics Certifications